Sabrina Plante

Program : Ph. D. in Biology (now with Caribou Ungava, details below)

Affiliation : Department of Biology, Université Laval

Director : Steeve D. Côté

Co-director : Christian Dussault

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Research project

Behavioral and biodemographic responses of the white-tailed deer to the dismantling of management enclosures at low densities on Anticosti Island. Note: This research project is currently suspended due to the cessation of logging activities on Anticosti Island. Sabrina is pursuing her Ph.D. with Caribou Ungava. We are interested in the effects of the dismantling of management enclosures, which will make available a large amount of preferred food resources, on deer space use and the demographic responses that may be associated with new accessibility to food resources, such as productivity and body condition. Aiming to assess the effectiveness of the actual deer population management method, we are also interested in the underlying mechanisms that may induce a spatial redistribution of individuals after dismantling and the resulting deer densities.

Academic training and work experience

Sabrina Plante holds a B. Sc. degree in ecology (2004-2007) and a M. Sc. degree in biology (2009-2012) from the University of Sherbrooke. She worked on a study on the role of tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) as secondary dispersers of large seeds in the Atlantic forest of Northeastern Brazil. She also worked on the use of spatiotemporal memory in the foraging movements of black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra) in the Yucatan peninsula. She collaborated on the development of non-invasive capture-mark-recapture protocol for black bear sensus in Québec with genetic analyses of hair. She received twice the Excellence Award of the Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science.

Research interests

Conservation and population management, behavioral ecology, movement ecology.

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